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Period after depo

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My doctor "diagnosed" me with endometrosis and gave me the depo shot to get rid of the issues associated with endo. I was due for a shot again in April, but declined because of the weight gain. I had one in early May but have not had a cycle or even spotting since. How long does it normally take to get a cycle back? If you are wondering yes I took a PT just to make sure. Thanks

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Always varies, I heard it could take months. Depends on how your body regulates itself.
I was on the depo for a year or two and ended up discontinuing it. For nearly a year after I had not started having my period again, and became concerned (even though it was nice to not have to deal with it) so I talked to my doctor. She put me on the birth control pill for a few months to help regulate my cycle and it worked like a charm. Best of luck to you!

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