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period after miscarriage

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ok so the beginning of April (2011) I lost my baby, I was 10 weeks along. I had my first period the beginning of may (may 2 2011) and now it is June 13 and I have yet to get another period, is this normal? mY periods were always right on time 28 days apart. I took a home test last week and it was neg. Should I get another test? or is this all just wishful thinking on my part. I don't "feel" pregnant but I am not used to not having a period or it being late. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Do I bother buying another home test or is this normal that my period be all messed up off schedule now?

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I had to have a D&C with both of my miscarriages. My periods have always been irregular, but I did notice that I was back to "normal" for me after two cycles.
Thanks Kimmie :)
i lost my baby at 2 mo i had 2 normal  periods and then got prago and now im 27 weeks you are more likly to git prago after you have a miscarriageso dont give up i know its hard and i am vere sorry
I also miscarried in april of this year.  My periods have always been as regular as clockwork.  Since the miscarriage I have noticed they are a few days late.  I also thought maybe I was pregnant.  Alas, it seems as though my cycle has changed a little.  I am hoping it will get back to normal in the coming months or if I am lucky, not at all!
Thanks for the answers everyone. Turns out I AM preggo afterall.I am hoping this one ends better then the last...

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