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Period late negative test then 3 1/2 day period/spotting, ideas?

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HI! Well first off I have been all over the place with my periods for about a year now, the average cycle is every 32 days. My hubby and I haven't been to careful these last couple months. I haven't had a period since about May 25 and it lasted 5 days with a med/heavy flow. About the middle of June I started to get symptoms that you get while pregnant (nausea, cramping in lower left abdomen, fatigue, heartburn, nipples tender, boobs heavy/sore, burping like crazy (not like me at all!), smell weird things, crazy dreams.) I didn't think anything of it until July 7 then I went to the store on July tenth and bought a HPT which resulted in a negative. I don't know if this is relavent but on July 12 my brother in law had a party...I drank WAY more then I should have and later that night I had a sharp stabbing pain in my left lower abdomen. I still have/had the sympotms then on the 20th I started bleeding thinking it was my period but it was really light and then yesterday (july 23) it seemed to stop but this morning I had slight bleeding when I wiped and that's been it since then. Could I be pregnant or what? Kind of nervous...not really in a situation to have a baby (Brother in law is living in the house). Please and thank you for your help!

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