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off the pill since April - no period...not pregnant...any answers?

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Trying to conceive so came off the pill. Still waiting for my monthly visitor to return so we can get trying. Any suggestions?

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Coming off any birth control takes time for your body to regulate yourself. Just give it time.
When I went off the pill (so long ago, I couldn't even give you a number), my OBGYN said it could take up to 3 months to get back on a regular schedule.  Depending on when in April you took your last dose, you may want to go ahead and call your doctor to just check in and see if he or she has any suggestions, or new information about how long you can expect before your visitor comes knocking on your door again.
Its August now and still no signs...had blood work and everything has come back fine..some things are in the "low" normals. Next step is to see an OBGYN to see if its PCOS which doesn't make me happy.

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