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Playdate Ettiquette: how to deal with a messy/unclean house?

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My daughter and I recently made friends with another mom/daughter at our library's baby storytime. It's hard to make friends with other local new moms, so we try to meet weekly at a local cafe, but sometimes it's easier to have a playdate at one of our houses. However, her house is a mess! It's more than just dirty dishes and piles of paper- it's pet hair EVERYWHERE, dirty/grimy toys, and a pervading smell of pet urine. I've tried dropping hints about my own housekeeping, but to no avail. Help!

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This is definitely a tough situation. It's hard to bring up concerns without the other person getting defensive and/or feeling attacked. I would avoid going to their house for playdates and would offer to host them at your house instead. 

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