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is playing online games, 3 hours/day harmful to my baby?

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i'm a first time mom :D my honey and met and fell in love through an online game.. so it's very hard for me to stay away from it.. please answer my question . . . thanks :D Godbless! :D

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I played games on facebook the whole time that I was pregnant and it didnt affect the baby at all.. just be sure that if you are using a laptop not to sit it on your belly since it can get awfully warm..congrats on the little miracle.. and good luck =)
I don't think it would be a problem either. As long as you remember to eat and drink and go pee when you need to! LOL Congrats and good luck :)
aww congrats &&& no its not bad for u to do dat ha thats what i do when im bored xP
Might as well get it out of your system now, because once baby comes you'll be lucky to get 3 hours a month!
thank you very much for the wonderful answers! :Dsure thing is.. i'll miss playing with my frends.. but i'll take more time on our precious one :D godbless!
No, it's not harmful. Just don't rest a laptop on your belly.
Hello there,Well moderation in everything is a must. Particularly at such a delicate time. I would suggest you speak to your personal physician and follow his counsel. If he thinks that it is fine, I would recommend playing some fun games. There are several web portals available with these kinds of games, like some zombie games.
I am an father too and allways I recomand to my son to play logic or puzzle games ,because this one will help when he will go to school. Also chess games are very creative and help childrens to become more inteligent and think logic when they do something.
Well excess of playing online games might have a negative effect. In your case, I don’t think playing online games 3 hours per day would cause any problem to your child. It would be just an entertaining way to occupy your time during this long period.  These days, there are some good online portals like that specially designed games for females that are completely nonviolent and provide escapism mental stress, which is good for your health.

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