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I am 15 years old , and i think i'm pregnant but i'm honestly not sure. so far , i haven't taken a pregnancy test but i had a "period" but I've been researching and to my discovery it could've been urinal spotting ( its been 20 days since then ) my period also changed and i talked to my friend and she says they switch sometimes . (it was at the end of the month and now its towards the middle ). ive been cramping up and getting constipated lately and also I've been feeling bloated , ( i dont really eat right , so im hoping thats what it is . im 5'10 3/4 and i weigh 165 lbs ) my breast are not sore and i haven't gained any weight either i could just be scaring myself and stressing myself out but i cant afford to be pregnant , i made a stupid choice and i'm hoping to be forgiven so i can learn from my mistake . i'm just praying i'm not pregnant

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I'm pregnant with my first child and I had my period kind of late ,but when it came it was very light and only lasted for 2 days . My breasts are very sore but I have no morning sickness. .. I personally think that you just got lucky this time and next time you should use protection ^_^ goodluck .

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