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Please Help! I am 7 weeks and 3 days and having problems with anxiety!

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Because of my insurance, the doctor will only see me once I am past 10 weeks. I have previously had a miscarriage at just a few weeks and I stay worried about this baby. I only get sick every so often and my boobs are sore but not like they were. I had stomach pains 2 weeks ago and my husband made me go to the ER and they did an US and showed I was 5 weeks. Saw a fetal pole but no heart beat. They told me to see my OBGYN for a follow up US as soon as possible but the insurance is making it very difficult to get in to see him. Am I just overly worried? I have started getting nervous and uneasy having to wait so long. Thank you all!

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Since this is a more emergent situation, you need to see your doctor. You can deal with your insurance later, your doctor should still be able to see you no matter what. And honestly, I have never heard of an insurance company or policy that makes a woman wait until she's 10 weeks along before allowing her to see an ob. From my understanding, that doesn't even give much time for an early ultrasound to figure out the age of the baby and the due date. even if you can't get in to see your doctor (I know some office staff won't schedule an appointment without insurance approval) you can at least go to planned parenthood. They have medical facilities and only charge what you can afford to pay out of pocket. Essentially, they only ask for a donation. Give them a call and see if you can get an ultrasound scheduled right away.

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