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Please help! I'm trying to stop breastfeeding. My son is 13 months.

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I'm a working mother so most of the time he is breastfeed is in the evening and at night.

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My best advice is to have someone else feed him at those time if possible. Even if you were feeding a bottle, a baby can smell you (the mother) and your smell probably will increase your son's desire to breastfeed.Also I would feed him in a different place than you normally would if you were breastfeeding.
If you really want to completely stop breastfeeding you can try putting some of the aloe vera juice on ur nipple if you have a plant near you and have him try to breastfeed. My mom did that with my little brother and after a few times of trying to breastfeed he didn't like the flavor and completely stopped breastfeeding
i weaned my son when he was15 months and i thought it would not  be easy but it was!! he only ate to go to sleep and the problem was me i felt bad for him but my advice would be to not feel bad and if he does cry let him cry it out and everything will be fine
why are so many women afraid of weening ther babies off of the boob, the bottle, and the paci? i don't get it. honestly. it's part of growing up. why? why? why!?!? it's way past time for you to get your baby off the boob, and it's going to be a lot harder now, since you have waited so long. good luck.

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