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Please reply me..please advise me... please help me

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Hai, My son aged 4 is going to school and studying in LKG . The problem is we noticed that he is watching TV little bit near to TV so we consulted one eye doctor and he checked his eyes by showing far- near letters. Here my son have some difficulty to recognize smaller letter from far distance and he can recognize near letters. so my question is that how to solve this problem? is there any development can be made by giving more nutrient food??? is it help him?? or give me any suggestion to improve my son's vision. Please reply me......................

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What did the eye doctor suggest?
he told need to put a eye drop but it will be blurry vision for 3 days and he told after this once again he will check then only he will say what is the problem.but i'm asking that without using spects can we correct his vision????? 
There isn't much you can do to correct vision, other than wearing glasses. No amount of vitamins of supplements can correct a problem with the lens of the eye, which is generally what causes vision problems.

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