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Pooping in the toilet

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My son is 3 1/2 years old, and in preschool. And I'm hoping he doesn't need to ever go poop at school, because he will ask for a pull up, when it's time to poop. Our pediatrician suggested doing a pull up countdown 'til it's time to poop in the toilet. I tried that this summer, and I gave in, because he would hold his poop, and I don't want him to get backed up. He will NOT poop on the toilet. He's pooped on the toilet twice already, once when he turned 2, and another time during x-mas time. But, I think the time he pooped during x-mas traumatized him, because as he was pooping, he kept yelling out, "my butt hurts, my butt hurts!" I guess I can try the pull up count down again, since I just bought a whole box the other day. Any suggestions how I can help his fear of pooping in the toilet?? I'm hoping he sees his classmates poop on the toilet at school, and will eventually do the same. For now, he waits to poop when he gets home, since he knows we have pull ups at home.

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I worked in a preschool and there was a boy who would not poop on the toliet and we were aware of this and would try to encourage him. He did have a couple of accidents and most of the time did not go at the school. Then one day towards the end he asked to go potty so I was out in the hall waiting for him and I hear him yell "I pooped, I pooped" he was excited because he did it and there was no pressure from anyone.  If he is in a good school they should not do anything but change him when he has an accident and maybe say "next time we will try to get it in the potty" they need to be possitive to help your son. And when it does happen he will be happy and it will be like a major goal.
Not sure how preschools work where you your kids MUST be potty trained before they attend school. If he were to have an accident because there was no pullups here they would call you (or the person whose number you list) to come get him.why did his butt hurt when he used the toilet? was it just a firm poop or maybe the toilet seat hurt him? can you get a softer padded seat? I would try the countdown again and encourage him lots. let him know that if he had to go at school they will not be able to give him a pullup so you need him to be a big boy now
Have you tried using rewards? My almost 3 year old daughter refused to poop in the toilet and she finally goes because she gets a lollipop every time she goes in the toilet. It took us a while to figure out what reward worked best. We went through stickers and individual candies like Skittles or m&ms, which both worked for peeing, but we had to work to figure out what would really motivate her to poop. We got her a bag of Dum Dum pops because they're small and she hasn't pooped in her pants since. I'm not a huge fan of using candy as a reward but it's a temporary thing and it works. Some kids are great with stickers or small toys. Sometimes potty chairs or potty seats can be uncomfortable and it can be frustrating for little ones to sit long enough to "work things out" on the toilet. Having a fun treat after makes the work worth it for them.

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