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possible twins??

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My last period was Jan. 7. I went to health department to confirm pregnancy and had my 1st dr. appt on March 17. The health department said my due date should be around October 10. At my 1st dr. appt, he said my due date might be around end of Oct. or maybe Nov, because at that time he couldnt find a heartbeat and didnt have anything to measure yet. So he was thinkin I mightve been around 8wks pregnant. I went back April 18th and measured to be around 14 1/2 weeks and heartbeat was around 150 beats. He was answering all questions til he measured me. Now he doesnt really know how far along i am and cant give due date. He scheduled an ultrasound for my May visit. So in 4 wks went from no measurements to it being up to my belly button. I have a lump just under my belly button that stays to right side but cat feel pressure and another lump close to my left side and close to pelvic area. I feel lots of pressure and lower back pain. This is my 3rd pregnancy and it feels a lot different then the other 2. My boyfriend is a twin and i thought that usually skips generations but i do have twins in my family. I joke with him about it being triplets, twins for my side and a single for his.. Either it is one huge baby or more then one.

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only an ultrasound can detect the number of babies growing in your belly. around 5 months you will be able to find out the gender of your babies. congrats
It actually doesnt matter if there are twins on his side or not. wins will be determined by you. Because the man puts in a ton of sperm but (usually) he woman only puts in one egg. So youd get twins if your body let down 2 eggs at the same time. & i wouldnt worry too much about the dr not being able to determine an exact due date for you. Id say thats pretty normal cuz its ricky stuff to figure out for sure. & measuring your tummy (I dont think) is a good way to judge whenyour due date is because every womans body changes differently with every pregnancy. The best way to tell your due date is an ultrasound so that the baby can be measured. this is also the way to find out if its twins or just one. try not to worry about it cuz like i said every single pregnancy is different even though youve had 2 before is very normal for this one to feel so different whether its one or two in there. Good luck
You will just have to wait and see.  I had twins myself. But just to say, it has nothing to do with the father.  Twins run on the mothers side.  Or if your egg splits after fertilization they are identical, and that can happen for anyone.  Good luck! 

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