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Postpartum woes...

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My son will be 10 months in a few days, and yet here I am, 9 months of pregnancy and 10 months of motherhood later, still lacking my sex drive. My doctor said that you are technically postpartum up to a year after childbirth, so this lack of libido problem is quite normal. However, it's causing lots of tension between me and my hubby, making our new-found parenthood more stressful (yikes). Is there any advice anyone can give me to help move this postpartum bit along? I know there probably isn't some magic fix, but are there any herbal supplements, foods I can eat, or even anything wacky that's worked for any of you? Thanks!

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Are You on Mirena??? or birth control? I was on mirena and that was one of the many awful side effects: Moodyness, tired, snappy ,eternal post pregnancy pouch and terrible acne. I kept going back to the doctor w my symtoms and he kept saying it wasn't the mirena like it all in my head. Once I took it out I felt a lot better lost more weight and my mojo came back. Saw palmetto is an herbal supplement that can help with regaining your mojo. Something as silmple as sleep can also help. I also think it is important that he do something other than "here it is" or "let's  do it". Couples change after they have been togeher a while especially after babies. They might not get it but men have to work for it still, you know. Letting you sleep in once in the weekend or helping with the baby and  around the house little things that make you appreciate him. It is hard to turn off that mommy switch  into sex goddess at the end of the day when the baby finally goes to sleep and the house is a mess or you still have tons to do before you pass out and sleep. Imagine if all of it was done!!! then we can have us a party!!! lets take a shower together talk about our day  ect ect. Don't blame yourself.

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