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Potty Trained in a weeked. That was easy! 2 months later, NOT so easy!

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My two year old girl was definitely ready for graduating to panties when we did a variation of the weekend potty training boot camp. She did great! Took to the toilet like a fish to water. A few months later, something changed. She would wait until she really had to go, go a little bit in her panties and finish on the toilet, then on to full blown accidents like she had no control over her bladder. We've tried everything from threatening her with diapers, forcing her to stay bottomless (things she does not like) to rewarding her when she goes and nothing seems to work. Our first girl was a breeze, but our 2 year old just keep having accidents. I'm not sure what to do at this point. Any advice??

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She's only 2, she may not really be ready for it yet. She may also be regressing because of some kind of change or stress. Be patient, remind her to go frequently, and try to figure out what might be causing the regression.

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