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potty training

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at what age should my boys be potty trainned? they are 4 and 2 years. what age is to old for diapers?

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The best way to judge it is that they have to be potty trained in order to go to pre-school. So, when they are old enough to start pre-school, they should be fully potty trained, usually between the age of 3 and 5 is when they can start.
Just be patient. It takes a while for kids to get the hang of potty training. Take her to the potty when you go, that helps. You can also try rewards like stickers or candy. Eventually we had to resort to 1 m&m or Skittle for each successful trip to the potty. My daughter refused to poop on the toilet or in the potty chair so after almost a year of potty training we started giving her a DumDum pop for each poop. She didn't have any accidents after the first lollipop.
My son was potty trained no problem it only took a few days and he was potty trained. My daughter on the other hand is still in the process of potty training. I started to potty train her at 2 and shes potty trained for the most part but she still dribbles a little on herself and at night, I have to keep  pull ups on her at night and when we go places. Just tell her that if she pees in the potty she can have a peice of candy like skittles, I know its not good to bribe but if it works it can't be that bad :)
to add a bit more info, she does seem  uncomfortable in a wet and poopy diaper. she will take it off and hand it to me, saying, "eeeww! poo poo/pee pee". she also has elmo's potty time dvd that she watches on a regular basis. i refuse to put her in pull ups, because i believe they are just a more expensive pull on diaper. she wants to wear her big girl underwear, but i would like to try putting her in the cotton training pants until she is accident free. it just may be a little while longer before i'm able to do so with the condition of my back, and having to take care of a newborn.
My daughter was just over 2 years old when she potty trained and my son was less then 2 months old. We did a sticker chart also. We did go straight to cotton training pants and she did fine. But she was scared to have accidents and hated the idea of it. She went pee 4 times in the first 2 hours.  She did use a potty seat and would bring it out to the living room and us it there sometimes. This was helpful because if I was feeding her brother I could be there to encourage her. I think as long as she has a diaper she will not fully train. I would either put her in the cotton pants or wait. It is tough with your situation. But she may have less accidents if she is in undies. Maybe try it a day and see how she does
the first time we tried to train her, i put her toddler potty on the floor in the living room, as per her doctor. he told me that it may make things easier at first, and if she did well with it, then slowly move it back into the bathroom. the problem was, she just looked at it as a toy, and would take it apart. i expressed to her that it's a potty, not a toy. it's not something we play with or take apart. only mommy or daddy takes it apart, and only to empty the contents. she ignored me, and continued with the behavior, so i put it back in the bathroom for good. right now, it serves the purpose of a cushy spot for me to sit while she's on the big potty. i was a bit reluctant at first when she told me she wanted to train, because of my situation. like i said, it seems like she has the most inopportune time to go, as in when i'm feeding my newborn. when i'm not dealing with her baby sister, i drop everything when she tells me she needs to go. i realize that as long as she is in diapers, she will not fully train. the first time we trained we put her in regular cotton undies, and then plastic undies over that in hopes of minimizing the mess. it proved unsuccessful. that's why i want to try the cotton training pants this time around.
It sounds like she knows what to do but isn't doing it because she wants some extra attention from you. Adjusting to a new baby can be difficult. (I'd love to be training my son, who is very interested in potty training, but I also have a 6 week old baby and with three kids, homework and housework I just can't go it by myself.)Potty training my daughter was difficult and took about a year starting from the time she was 18 months old. In the end, the only thing that got her to go on the toilet reliably was giving her a piece of candy (a single m&m or Skittle) for every successful trip. I tried stickers and other rewards and nothing worked. I was absolutely against giving candy in the beginning but it really was the only thing that worked. After the first candy she had no more accidents.We tried cotton training pants and my daughter didn't care about accidents. Well, she cared, she hated peeing her pants, but it didn't get her to go in her potty. 
really, my question is this- should i continue to try and train her, or am i just spinning my wheels right now with everything else that is going on? i hate to give it up again, to only pick it up at a later time. i just have a feeling that if i do that, it will become an issue down the road when it is time to re-try. i have a very willfull and high-strong child. she's that kid that won't do anything until she is good and ready. no amount of bribery, force, etc. will help. we have made a good bit of progress with this training thing, but i know that i'm not really in a position to give her my all at this point.
If you can't give her the attention she needs with this it's better to stop for now. It's only going to cause you both a lot of stress.
so how do i handle this now? do i just continue to take her a few times a day until i can devote my full time and attention with it? she is still in diapers as i previously stated. i do take her when she asks to go. sorry to ask so many questions about this, but i'm just at a loss with the situation.


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