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potty training boys

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My son is almost 20 months old and he has expressed interest in potty training. I am all for this and am just as excited as he is. He'll be getting his own potty chair for Christmas but for now he's experimenting with my daughter's. I got him some disposable training pants and he likes wearing his "undies" more than diapers. I feel like we're pretty prepared and we know how to handle potty training since we didn't have too much trouble with our daughter. But, I was wondering if there was anything special that we need to do or that will help with potty training a boy? Or is it all pretty much the same no matter what the gender of the child?

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For me potty training my son was alot easier than my daughter. I just noticed that he was saying pee and going into the bathroom like he wanted to use the potty, So I asked him one day if he wanted to use the potty like a big boy and he said he said yes and took his diaper off.I think when it comes to things like that they can be easier, but there are some people who say girls are easier. In my opinion gender doesn't matter it just depends on the child and if their ready.
Having his big sister trained helps because he can see someone his own age using the potty. I know of three people with little boys that found it easier to let them go camando or with nothing on the lower half when they were how. Even Christine Coppa who writes on here had to do that with her son. I have only potty trained my daughter my son is just 8 months old so we have not gotten to that bridge yet. But I think it is a sensation thing. So maybe you could try that if the training pants do not work. My daughter refused to wear pull ups and went straight to uddies. They also make boxers for little boys which are looser and he would still have something on.
Having him go commando scares me! We actually go to test that out a few days ago. We were at the car dealership, he had a massive poopy diaper and I had no extra diapers with me. So he got to run around with just pants on. He peed twice. But, I think that's what got him really interested in wearing undies and going in the potty. We haven't gotten a chance to get him started with the potty training yet because my husband and I are finishing up finals this week. I'm hoping that after we're done with school we can get him going. He's started telling us immediately when he pees or poops in his diapers and he often asks to wear the training pants instead of a diaper. He's even waking up a little drier, so we're very excited. For some reason I just feel unprepared or like I don't remember how to do start the process. I think I'm just overwhelmed with finishing up this school term, waiting on the baby, Christmas, etc.

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