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potty training issues

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i am expecting #2 in October, i have a one and a half year old who is not potty trained and was wondering if it was too early to start and if you guys had any advice?

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I don't think it is too early to start. I have a 14 month old that I have been working with already. He is recognizing what "potty" means by running to his little potty chair and sitting on it. He has only used it twice but laying the foundation is a start.Before I began this process with my son I did a little research. Before the 1960's most babies were potty trained by the time they were walking. Then disposable diapers came around and Pampers found a dr. to advertise their product. Of course that dr. recommended not potting training till later (so the babies were wearing diapers longer, ie. more money for Pampers). Many other european and asian countries still potty train early.Granted I have heard that waiting till a child is older can either make the process shorter (they understand what they need to do and they do it) or it can be stressful (you have a strong willed child that refuses to do what you say).I say start now! It might take a little longer but will save you in the end. (buying or cleaning less diapers)

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