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Potty training issues.

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My son is almost 2 1/2, we've been potty training for a week now. He's finally getting to where he tells me he needs to go, or simply walks to his potty, pulls his underwear down and goes. The problem is, we go from the time he wakes up, until 3pm (when his sister gets off the bus) without an accident. When she gets home, he won't tell me he has to go, even if they're not playing together. I'll say, "potty check," and see if he is dry, ask of he needs to pee, and remind him to let me know. As soon as I ask, he says no, then no kidding, 10 seconds later, pees or poops on himself. I got upset the last time, and told him that he knew better, that this was wrong, and cleaned him up. He was crying, so I let him have a chill out time while I cleaned the poop up off my floor and clothes. I came back to him and asked if he knew why mommy was so upset. He shook his head yes. I asked why, he said he pooped in his underwear. I said he was right, and when mommy asks to help you potty, let her help instead of using it on yourself. I told him he was still my good boy, and that I loved him, and it the conversation ended. I'm not sure how to keep his good habits up while his sister is home. He does AMAZING alone, but awful when she is there. Any advice?

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Try not asking him. Tell him its time to potty now. He will soon get it. Its great that he is doing so well.

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