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Potty training my stubborn 32 month old

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I need tips on how to potty train my 32 month old daughter. She wants absolutely Nothing! to do with potty training. I have let her pick out underwear, she won't even let me get them over her feet. I have tried candy, toys, trying to sit with her and read, nothing works. I have tried the bare bottom method, she pees then comes and tells me. She has an all out crying fit if I don't put a diaper on her, like I have broken her heart. So I bought pull ups and she has finally let me put those on her but still refuses to sit on the potty. I have put it in front of the tv, everything. Some of my friends have said let it go for now, her pediatrician says she is ready. I am so confused and frustrated! Anyone with the same issue have any ideas?

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Age-wise, she should be ready. But, it sounds like mentally and emotionally, she is not. Sometimes kids just aren't ready on the normal timeframe. I wasn't potty trained until after I was 3, my aunt was closer to 4 when she finally did it. Unfortunately, this isn't something you can make your child do if she just doesn't want thing I did with my older two was to put their potty chair in my bathroom. Every time I went to the bathroom I took the training child with me. At first, my daughter refused to sit on the potty chair, which was fine. After a few days she started sitting on it fully clothed while I went. A few days after that she'd let me take off her pants, then another few days and she'd let me take off her diaper. Once she was naked and refused to sit and peed on the floor while I peed. While that wasn't great for me, it got her into the idea that peeing is done in the bathroom, on a she got older and was more into potty training, she hated being asked about whether or not she needed to go and she hated being taken to the bathroom. We put her potty chair in the living room and told her to use it when she needed to. That worked incredibly well for her.
Thanks for the tips, actually I have put the potty chair in the livingroom today, hopefully it will help.  She knows when she goes but tells me after the fact.  Thanks again.

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