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pregnacy positive or negative

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Hi im 3 days late for My period i always been regular i put the birthcontrol implanon on in july 2011 i resently took it out on march 14 2013 i had 2 periods since then. Im tryin to get pregnant the Bby fever really got me bad and i would ove to get pergnant i was pergnant in 2010 bt lost the bby in my second term. Wit that pregnancy i nvr had mornin sickness or any symptom of pregnancy. Bt this ime i wake up wantin to throw up i got to bed wantin to throw up i get really tired even wen i barely do anythin so plz if anyone noes somethin it would help alot

answers (2)

The only way to know whether or not you are pregnant is to take a pregnancy test. If you are getting negative results it means you either are not pregnant or that it is too early to get a positive result.The symptoms you are experiencing could be caused by your hormones fluctuating after the removal of the Implanon. For most women it takes 4-6 weeks or more before the hormone levels are high enough to start causing symptoms like morning sickness. If you are getting negative pregnancy tests, chances are you are not far enough along to be experiencing real pregnancy symptoms.Wait a week and take another test. If you still get a negative result you can see your doctor to get a blood test.
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