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pregnacy symptoms after the removal of the iud, can i be?

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Hi , on Dec.03 2012 i had my mirena removed cuz i was feeling off, felt like i was pregnant and was having abdominol pains (pregnacy symptoms). I know i could feel like that while useing mirena but it was different. So i got it removed , about a few days later i had unproted sex but no semin entered me well so i think(maybe pre-semin) .the begining of this week or a nine days ago i had sex and he enjaculated Iin me , before this when i removed it i was spotting for four days and had a. period for five back to back i dont know what ti think my breast are tender i feels slightly quesy ,i had a baby so i think im pregnant its a good chance might be too early but i feel like i am indeed prego . Can anyone please help?+

answers (3)

You need to take a pregnancy test. That's the only way to know for sure.
i went to planned parent hood and took a test it came out negative .i think it might be to early because the symptoms are there ,nausea but no actual vomit ,tender breast ,increase of hunger, and headaches? im super confused my period should be her by now but a negative test ? :0 im confused in my body .
also im urinating sooo much ,more than usual i know its different because i never have to get up in the dang night and pee .

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