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Pregnancy after a misscarriage?

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I just had a miscarriage November 5th of this year, and of course I was very upset. I asked the doctor when I could try again, and he said as soon as I wanted. Even though he told me this and I really wanted a baby, I wanted to wait until after my next period. But, it hasn't happened yet? I've spent my December worried and wondering what's going on, considering the smell of dish water makes me nauseated now. And all my pregnancy tests have shown up negative, up until now. So of course I'm extremely happy, but should I be worried? The doctor said, I could start as soon as possible, but I feel like I should have waited?

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I'm very sorry for your loss, losing a baby is never easy, I have had 3 miscarriages myself and it is extremely hard to go through. I am actually a little confused with this post, so let me just clear it up. You have gotten a positive pregnancy test? And you're worried that something may happen since you didn't wait? Well, after every miscarriage I have been through, my doctor has always told me to wait atleast 6 weeks or more before trying again. So, I guess waiting longer could've been a good thing. But if you are already pregnant I guess you can't do that. I wouldn't worry too much, you gotta hope for the best.
Talk to your doctor. I know people whose docs told them they could try for another pregnancy immediately after a miscarriage. I think it all depends on how far along you were and things like that. Talk to your doctor about your concerns. Only he or she can give the answers and reassurance that you need.

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