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Pregnancy or just PMS?

3 answers
My last cycle was the 2nd week of last month and it came 5 days early. This month I haven't had a cycle at all yet. I have been getting cramps like my cycle is trying to start. I have been eating everything in sight, and craving certain foods ,but that is the norm for when my cycle is getting ready to come on. My breast are also sore, and I have been extremely moody. Am I pregnant or is this just pms??

answers (3)

get a pregnancy test so you know for sure it kinda sounds like your pregnant but it could also be pms
I'd go get a test done. As it can be pregnancy but also keep in mind, stress can cause your period to be late or missed.
I thought that it could be stress as well, I took a pregnancy test twice and they both came up negative. But just to be sure I have made a doctors appointment.

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