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Pregnancy symptoms?

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I had protected sex 20 days ago (he pulled out, but some semen got on my vagina afterwards), and i'm not due for my period until the 28th (so 8 days from today). But about a week ago, my boobs started getting really sore. Worse than when i'm on my period. They also never got sore this soon before my period was due. I've been feeling dizzy and tired. I work a lot, so i figured that was why, but i'm more tired than usual. I've been gassy, and not really as hungry as i used to be. Plus i'm going to the bathroom more often, i noticed it had a different smell the other day, and i've been having more discharge than normal. Today i noticed a heightened sense of smell. I'm also really irritable, and really emotional, crying at stupid tv shows and for no reason. I've been really stressed lately with work, life, and my current relationship so i thought that might be bringing my period sooner, but it hasn't come yet. It's not late, but i'm scared that it will be. Do my symptoms sound like its due to pregnancy, or my period? thanx ahead!

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Well, it sounds like ur really worried about it. So ur thinking about it more. Which could be the reason that u r noticing so much. If I were u I would not think bout it. Becuz of all the stress ur having could make ur period late as well. Wait until ur a week or more late then talk to ur Dr or take a test, but I think u r just really stressed out. Breath, Calm down, and Wait! Thats all u can do for now.
Thanks! I'm trying to be patient about it, and not over-think it. Trying my best to de-stress with a nice dose of m&ms, ice cream and sex and the city reruns! *deep breathe*
So true, relax. When you are worried and thinking about it more you noticed so many more things that are signs to pregnancy. The only thing you can do is to wait it out, with no worries, and see when you are late. Also keep in mind that if you worry too much it can cause you to be a few days late too. So give yourself at least a week (2 would be better) and see then.
unlikely. you sound like you're just worried and that can psych your body into thinking it's pregnant. i had that problem many times before and thats what docs told me for years. you won't get pregnant from semen on your vagina and 20 days into a pregnancy, you wouldn't be feeling such severe hormonal and physical changes like the sore boobs and hysterics/mood swings. if you're not looking to get pregnant, i'd start using some more reliable form of protection, otherwise youll be having these worries everytime you think you're pregnant now.
so did you end up being pregnant?

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