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pregnancy symptoms but negative test does anyone no why?

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I've been trying to get pregnant for two and a half months and i have all kinds of pregnancy symptoms but every time i take a pregnancy test its negative can anyone tell me why?

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call your doctor and schedule a blood test. those are more reliable than urine. my urine test at the dr.'s office came back negative, but the blood test came back positive.
Well  lemme put it like this; i wasnt trying to get pregnant with my first but i had symptoms too and when i went to take a home pregnancy test they were all negative, i went into the doctor a couple days later due to pain during sex and they told me i was pregnant, and i was 5 weeks pregnant. they said my hormones are low enough for a home pregnancy test to not detect it but they could. and i used clearblue and firstresponse. so going to the doctor would be the nest thing and spo ur prolly pregnant and hav the same problem i do(: 
My husband and I tried for 18 months to get pregnant and I had pregnancy symptoms every month. Your brain can trick your body into having those symptoms if you are "willing" yourself to get pregnant. Also early pregnancy symptoms are very similar to symptoms you have right before you start your period so when trying to conceive, and even when you aren't, you can mistake the two. Go to the doctor and get a blood test because HCG shows in the blood before urine.
Its a possibility that you could be pregnant, and maybe the HCg hormone that the pregnancy tests pick up just isnt strong enough for the ept to pick up. Have you even missed your period yet? If so, I would wait about a week or 2 after if it still hasnt started. Alot of pregnancy tests say they will pick up the pregnancy hormone 5 days before the missed period but that is completely false, it only does that for about 5% of women lol. Alot of times the pregnancy hormone isnt high enough until atleast a week after missing your period.
When I was trying to get pregnant I wanted it so bad that I had literally fooled my body into thinking I was. I had every symptom you could imagine from sore boobs to morning sickness; and my period was late but test after test came back negative. I'm not saying this is what is happening to you but it could be a possibility. If you don't get your period soon you should see a doctor.( P.S. I did all that worrying and obsessing when I finally did get pregnant I had little to no symptoms at all, isn't that ironic? I didn't even get morning sickness)
it may just be too early for the at-home tests. so schedule an appt with ur doctor and get some bloodwork done. or u might just be stressed or expecting ur period?? that happened to me. just be patient and wait for the blood results. good luck!!
I been experiencing symptoms, I spotted one day last month and the home pregnancy test came back negative, I been feeling sick to my stomach, headaches, dizzy, breast are swollen And sore. And bloating feeling
I haven't had my period since Oct,21 and I had maybe 1day of spotting Nov.20. I been feeling dizzy, nauseous, fatigue, exhausted, headaches, and vomiting. My bra I finally got in that I didn't a month ago is to small I went up a cup. Help what's going on I had two negative test. I had spotting the past 2days. No cramps and no clots more like
Hi I'm having all pregnancy symptoms but negative test. I missed my period for Jan. 2015 I spotted a few days out the month however. I have nausea sore breast and im even showing a lil baby bump but after every kind of test they all say negative. I have 2 daughters 8 & 5 so I know the symptoms and with them I got a positive the first time every time I thought I was. I am so nervous scared and confused. I want to go to the doctor but don't have the time to take off so was really depending on the test. Please help.
Hi I'm in same boat. BTC since Sept it's now end of feb, this is our 3rd already have two girls 7 and 3, so I know all symptoms. Done 4 PT but all Neg. I have irregular cycle anyway so hard to say when I last had real period, I do get irregular light bleeding now and again which is norm for me. So because all PT neg I just assumed I wasnt. But lately my belly is definitely getting bigger lower down, sore and bigger boobs, tired, headaches, bit of sharp pain during intercourse. Done another home test yest still neg. No sickness but I didn't have sickness with my second, did with first. Just wondering if any updates about posts above?

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