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pregnant with baby#3.. what is your take on it?

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I had my third baby last January. My grandma kept trying to warn us about how baby #3 makes things so much more difficult. But, it really hasn't been that hard. My kids are all 18-20 months aparat, so they are very close and love playing with each other. My older two were very excited to have a baby sister, and they were gentle with her when she was little. They were good helpers too. Now they all play together and they have lots of fun.If you adjusted well to having two kids, adjusting to three won't be that hard. The transition from one child to two is much harder. 
I have 3 kids, one of them being an infant. I'm sure everyone has different expeirences with it, and of course different opinions on what hard is, but for me everyday is different, and we have our good days and we have our bad days.There are times when I wanna pull my hair out, and there are times when they are angels.I actually wish something was going on sometimes, you get so used to craziness that when they are really good you don't know what to do.My oldest kids both go to school so it's usually pretty easy untill they get home, but honestly it's not even hard when they get home because they run straight to there rooms to play. For me the first child was the hardest, my husband was in the army, my son had colic, it was not fun! 

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