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pregnant with back problems

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i am 10 weeks pregnant, with 4 slipped discs in my lower back. i fell down a flight of stairs 1 1/2 yrs ago, and that's what caused the problem. my doctor is aware of this, and i have an appointment with an orthopedic in about 2 weeks. i am currently on Flexeril to relax the muscles, and it helps, but i am in soo much pain. (nothing out of the ordinary) i have tried the warm baths, heating pads, therma-care heat patches, and nothing helps. i know i can't take anything else for it other than tylenol, and that's fine. i have an extremely high pain tolerance. just wondering if there's anyone out there that has dealt with a similar problem. what helped you? what can i expect later on in my pregnancy?

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I blew a disc 2 years ago when i worked in the ER as a cna... I feel your pain... Nothing really works for me either but theres some things that can ease it up a bit... laying on the floor with a tennis ball between you and the ground where it hurts will relieve some of the pressure... you can also do it on a wall so your dogs wont think your playing and jump all over you... also try laying on the floor bring your knees up to a 90 degree angle then slowly ease them to one side while your back it still touching the ground raise them up again and then to the other side... This will stretch the muscles around the spine to help relieve the tension... It doesn't cure it or take away all the pain but it does make my back feel better from time to time...
I understand how you feel, I have a scoliosis and pregnancy was really hard on me.  Sorry, but the bigger you get, the worse the pain gets.  You can strengthen the muscles around the damaged area by getting down on you hands and knees and then arch your back, then relx over and over.  In the meantime, before that starts to help, you can get someone to roll a swimming noodle or a rolling pin up and down your back. Also, you can micrwave dried beans in a plastic bag and have someone roll it around on your back.  That helped me most days, so I hope it helps you.

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