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Pregnant with high heels!!!!

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Is it really bad to wear high heels when your pregnant???because it if would be dangerous,celebrities wouldnt do it right???I want to wear them sometimes but people tell me that thats bad for my baby!!

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I've never heard that wearing high heels is bad for the baby. Unless you are a complete cluts on them and risk falling on your stomach I don't think you have anything to worry about... I wore boots to my last doc app and he complimented them but never mentioned I shouldn't be wearing them... Until your feet get too swollen rock the sexy heels with a fresh pedi!!!
You should be just fine wearing heels. I think the problem with wearing heels while youre pregnant is when they make your back hurt. Pregnancy already puts pressure & strain on your back & the heels can make that worse. Id say go ahead & wear them if you want & if your body is handling it well.
When I was pregnant I wore heels all the time, working standing on my feet.  It wasn't until I was about 6 weeks from being due that heels hurt my feet (only because of the swelling) I walked about 1/2 mile, in grass fields in wedges to my sisters graduation only weeks prior to my son being born.  So if you can sport them go for it!!!  And just because celbs do it doesn't mean it's safe... 
Wear your heels! It won't hurt the baby and it will make you feel sexy when you are carrying around the extra baby weight! I have 4 children and I wore my heels with all of them! Nothing was gonna keep me outa' them!
just because celebs do something, it doesn't make it safe. whitney houston was on crack for years, do you see the rest of us running out to score a bag? no. i'm not trying to be rude, but seriously. i can't even imagine how uncomfortable you would be in high heels while pregnant. i ran around barefoot whenever i got the chance. still do! the only thing that you need to worry about is a slip and fall. walking around on stilts all day when your carrying a baby can be risky. please be careful!
Yes, you can wear heels!! You will know if you can't or not. If your feet start to swell and you don't fit them anymore, back aches, feet sore, overall uncomfortable then I'd say probably should stop. But really that doesn't happen until in the last few months. Until then enjoy your heels. I was a heel girl with my first two all the way through but my last one I had lots of water retention and wasn't able to from about 5 months on.
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