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pregnant or not? HELP!!!!

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So we have just celebrated my sons first birthday and I'm having pregnancy symptoms.Nausea,back pain, breast tenderness, and recently spotting. But the thing is, I have an IUD from right after I gave birth to my son. I've read that the mirena isn't 100% at preventing pregnancy and my fiancé and I were having unprotected sex oblivious to this fact. Also I have been having a lot of cramping and bloating but I haven't had a period since before I was pregnant with my son almost two years ago. I'm really at a lost at how to figure out if I'm pregnant or not because I dont have a period to tell from. I'm really nervous about taking a test and dont know when is the right time to do so. Please help I need know now because being pregnant with an iud is BAD news due to a high risk of miscarriage.

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I had an IUD also after I had my last child, as did my sister. We both had to have them removed because of the side effects. I would say that you are most likely not pregnant but that the symptoms your experiencing are being caused by the IUD. I went 3 months feeling the same symptoms and after repeated negative tests I looked online for the side effects of the IUD. I would suggest you have it taken out and find a more suitable form of contraception. I will NEVER use an IUD again.
It's common for women to stop having their periods while using an IUD, especially one with hormones like Mirena. If you suspect you are pregnant you should take a pregnancy test and/or see your doctor.
I know the Mirena can cause a stop in periods. I haven't had one in almost two years. My question was how am I supposed to know when to take a test if I dont have a period and how do I know its accurate if the Mirena is in place?
Hormonal birth control will not have an effect on whether or not you can get a positive pregnancy test. If you are pregnant your body will still produce the pregnancy hormone hcg. Plenty of women find out they're pregnant while they're on a birth control pill, which has a higher dose of hormones than a Mirena.As far as when to take a pregnancy test goes, there's no real way to tell. If you think you're pregnant you need to take a test. If you're far enough along that you're actually experiencing these symptoms from pregnancy you're far enough along to get a positive test. But, it's entirely possible that these symptoms have been caused by stress or simply from thinking you might be pregnant. If you don't think a home pregnancy test would be reliable you should see your doctor as soon as possible to get a blood test.
I had that IUD between my children and I hated it. I spotted for nearly 6 months after my daughter was born then one day it stopped and I got so scared because after 2 months I still had not had a period. Then I got one and then a few months later got another. I hated how off they were I never knew what was happening. I took a few test because I kept getting nervous. I also got pregnant for my daughter while on the pill. So I think that made me more worried it was going to happen again.I had it taken out just over a year after it was put in then tried the nuva ring for 3 days (Hated it and very uncomfortable) then talked with hubby and decided it was time for number 2.I would take a test and see. You will lose a couple of dollars but help with your sanity. If you were bf you baby that can effect your period also.
Question: Do you have a 99 Cent Only store in town or a Dollar Tree dollar store?  Answer: I have taken countless urine tests and found that the dollar store ones work just as well as the 15 dollar tests.  Solution: Take a pee-pee test girly, STOP stressing. IT will be okay:) 

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