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Pregnant or Not Pregnant?!

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I have always had a regular period since I was a little girl. I have two other children and this hasnt happened with either one of them? I need some advice. I missed my period this month, my last period was around April 7th. I took about a dozen home pregnancy test that all came back positive then I went to have a blood test and that came back negative. I still have not started my period and I told them I have just about every pregnancy symptom you can think of. I know my body and I know I am pregnant, I can just feel it. Idk if it is just to early to tell or what?! Please help a worried mama out :"(

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There are a couple of possibilities: you got false positives on the home tests, or the blood test was somehow wrongwhether way, you should probably go back to your doctor for another blood test. And if your doctor doesn't want to do that, it may be time to find a new doctor who will actually listen to your concerns.
Do you think I could have gotten 12 false positive?! Lol cause thats a lot and I took about that many!
It's probably more likely that there was a mistake of some sort with your blood test, especially since a blood test can detect a much lower level of hcg. 

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