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Pregnant or not pregnant?

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Ok I'm 17 years old and I know Im to young to be probably pregnant but I was just wondering: I took a test line has to do with lines and I got this test at family dollar so it may be cheap! But I took it and the right rectangle window had a super blue line appear but in the circle window I could barely like barely see a line but its there and I know this bc I took the test apart and the line was there on the strip to where the circle window is!! I can see it when I move it around different angels

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It is possible that you are very newly pregnant and your hormone levels haven't built up enough to fully react with the test strip. But, having taken numerous pregnancy tests in the past, I can tell you that the blue line tests are harder to read and can definitely trick you into thinking you got a positive result. For whatever reason, the blue positive line does show up if you hold it at the right angle, even of your test is negative. I suggest you get a pink line test, like First Response. They are far more accurate and do not result in a trick result.
What does newly pregnant mean? So does it mean I'm pregnant or not 
By "newly pregnant" I meant that if a fertilized egg had implanted in the day or two before you took your test you hcg level might not have been high enough for the test to all honesty, I have no way of knowing wether or not you are pregnant. Like I said, go get another test that will be more reliable. Get one that uses pink lines instead of blue, or get a digital one. You should be able to see clearly whether the test is negative or positive, and turning the test at different angles shouldn't change that result. The pink line tests, like First Response, do not have an evaporation line that you can see. (That's what you were seeing on the test you took.) so you will not be left thinking that maybe you're pregnant. You'll know for sure either way.
I'm going to takAna first response Tuesday after school and then i will know for suede 

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