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Pregnant? Or something more serious?

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Ok, so I've never posted anything like this before, but I'm completely baffled at my body right now. I am 26 and I have extremely regular periods with extremely predictable symptoms. Two days before my period I get extremely introspective, moody, with an extreme need for change (weird, I know). Then the day I get my period I get sudden mild to severe cramps, immediately followed by aunt flow. My cycle is always 26-28 days. Nothing ever changes. However, I am currently six days late for my period, and for that entire six days I have had mild cramps. Nothing too painful, just enough to know it's there. Six days ago at the start of these cramps I just assumed my period was going to start any second now. Not the case. My appetite also picked up, and where I normally would skip breakfast I can't anymore. I took a pregnancy test first thing this morning, but it was negative, which I guess surprised me. My husband and I are not trying for a baby, though if this was the case and we were pregnant we would both be delighted. I know my body very well, but I am not really experienced when it comes to pregnancy. Should I be concerned that there is a more serious issue going on that is causing this? Or is it still possible having gotten a negative on a test that I am pregnant? Thanks for your time and thoughts!

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