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Pregnant, Period, or what? Help, Please!

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Okay, so My period has always been regular. I'm 18 and I've had it since I was 10. It starts every month between the 21-23 and it always 7 days long.Started last month on March 22. Well, it went just as usual last month but two days ago, April 11 I went to use the rest room and when I wiped, the t.p. was covered in a light pink watery blood? and yesterday, April 12 when I used the rest room there was a little bit of dark red/BROWN blood? My period is always dark deep red and heavy with lots of clots,then I randomly got really sharp abdominal pains for about 15 minutes but not like period cramps. I am having no signs what so ever of this being my period, when ever I has my period I get really really bad cramps two days before and the entire time and I feel perfectly fine.I have no idea what this could be. My boyfriend and I have unprotected sex almost every other day.. Could this be a very early miscarriage? or what? I don't know. I'm lost and I need advice. Please... does anyone have any idea what this could be? (My boyfriend and I aren't trying for a child, but we are stable to the point where we can fully support a child, so if I am pregnant there is no problem with it, we are okay with becoming parents now.) I just need some ideas and advice before I go to the gyno as I don't have insurance at this moment.

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Hmmmmm, you don't have insurance yet you claim you're stable and ready to support a baby? Let me tell you something... the richest people WITH insurance aren't ready to support a baby, kiddo! And another thing, the fact you're having unprotected sex, even though you're single and not trying to conceive... frightening! Plus, you're just a baby, yourself... you have NO clue what's going on with your own body... how on earth do you expect to know what's going on with a friggin' newborn?! All I can advise is, STOP having unprotected sex this instant! In fact, I don't recommend you have sex until you know your body inside and out! You sound awfully immature for such a BIG responsibility! Why not take an early pregnancy test instead of wasting everyone's time (including your own); it'll give you something to talk about at the gynecologist's office! By the way, you were SUPPOSED to have insurance by now, thanks to Obamacare... if you couldn't do THAT in time, I seriously doubt you can handle a baby! LOL
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ok people, she is asking for useful advice not to be put down, so that aside, it could be an early sign of miscarriage, but a pregnancy test and maybe a trip to the doc would be more helpful. keep in mind also that your 18, your body physically still changes until around 25 when it comes to the major developments. So you may just be going through a different developmental stage in your life. Being a younger parent makes me very happy i had my son when i did (i was 21 when he was born) but i also am in the military and deployed and well established into my careen in the USCG I also had been married for 3 years at that point. i am now 24 having my second. And looking back at 18 i felt i knew everything and could handle all responsibility thrown at me. Even at 24 there are days where i feel like a child. Its all a growing experience. Children are going to change your life. I believe its best to live your life fully as a young adult and then when your blessed with being pregnant come to understand what that is goign to mean for your life. If your really concerned about the changes youve seen please seek medical attention.

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