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pregnant with strep throat help!!

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I have had a what my doctor told me was a sinus infection for about a week now and have been taking an antibiotic she prescribed for me for 2 days now, Checking with her and double checking with the pharmacist that it is ok to be taken while pregnant and it is, Then i wake up this morning with a sore throat and some spots in the back of my throat. Now i am 16 weeks pregnant and do not know what i can take to bots my immune system elevate the pain and help clear my head up so that i can focus on my 15 month old son....... help?

answers (3)

Definatly check with the Dr first but some orange juice and fruits with vitamin C can boost your immune system. Ice pops can help your throat, maybe even a little hot tea. An air vaporizor can help with being stuffy. And good old fashion chicken soup.
i had the strep throat too while pregnant too,i drank tons of lemon and made my throat feel so much better and eased the pain.also you should use a air vaporizer and place some vicks in the little tray part to keep your nose and throat clear
It's really hard when you are sick, have other children that needs tending and your pregnant too. Rest as much as possible, I know it's hard to say and do but it will help, lots a warm fluids too. There's antibiotics that you can take during pregnancy, I've been on many, but not many over the counter meds you can not take. If it gets worst I'd consult your doc again, as sometimes one infection leads to another and the only way to get relief is more meds. :(   Something that help with my sinus infections that I had during pregnancy was a "SinusRinse". Gross doing it but it helps and makes breathing and sleeping easier. Get better soon. :)

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