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prenatal vitamins?

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my fiance bought me these prenatal gummie vitamins tonight with DHA and folic acid, but it has no iron, which is what i wanted because thats what seems to make me sick with regular it okay to skip the iron and just take these? and also, what exactly is DHA?

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DHA is an Omega-3 fatty acid. It is very important for proper brain and eye health and development. You definitely want DHA in your prenatal vitamins! Dr. Sears recommends getting at least 600mg of DHA every day, which is more than most prenatals have so I take an extra DHA supplement.If you aren't having any problems with low iron, you should be fine without it in your vitamins. But, since iron is very important (it helps increase oxygen levels in your blood, which is important for baby's brain development) you should talk to you doctor to find our his/her recommendation.
You should be fine. I had to take Flinstone's vitamins when I was pregnant because I could not stomach prenatals. This is what I was told by my midwives. I even tried to take prenatals again for my second pregnancy with the same results. I have 2 healthy kids and very healthy pregnancys. If your doctor is okay with it then it should be fine. They will test you to see if your iron is low. Some people when they are pregnant need a ton of iron and others are fine with just a healthy diet. Make sure you are eating healthy foods that are naturally high in iron.
I got a perscription prenatal vitamin while pregnant because all the other ones made me sick. Talk to your doctor about which one is best for you. 

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