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Preparing 2 year old for baby questions

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I have a 2 year old daughter and I recently found out I am 4 weeks pregnant. My due date is in September and my daughters birthday is also in September so she will be 3 by then. I have 2 questions. How do I prepare her for the new arrival? How do I get her to sleep in her own bed (she has been sleeping with me).

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Getting her prepared for a new baby is pretty easy. My daughter was very excited for both her brother (born when she was 18 months old) and her sister (just born a few weeks ago, my older daughter is almost 3 1/2). She spent a lot of time caring for her baby dolls, and my son did as well this time around. We told them there was a baby in my belly and they would often hug and kiss my belly. They loved knowing about the baby, they liked coming to my appointments to hear the heartbeat. Make sleeping in her own bed really fun. Let her pick out new sheets and blankets, maybe even a new toy to sleep with. Make her room a really special place for her and get really excited about her becoming a big girl. If you're excited she will be too. Spend more time during the day in her room playing so that she'll be used to her room. Give her a night light if she wants one. If she still has a difficult time getting to sleep you can sit next to her bed. Once she's used to sleeping by herself you can tuck her in, read her a story and then let her fall asleep by herself.

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