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Pressure Pressure Pressure. Help?

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I have been feeling pressure for about 2 days now down by my vagina. it is very painful to walk, sit down, shift positions in bed, and even lift a leg, it feels as if my baby is going to fall out. i've even been having braxton hicks. i just want to know if this is normal considering i'm 36.6, any type of answer as to if this is normal or not would be great. thanks

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Your baby has probably just moved lower into your pelvis, which is normal. You're almost to 37 weeks, which means you're almost full term. Don't worry though, you probably won't go into labor for another couple of weeks. 
oh okay well that makes alot of sense. thanks
Oh and, I started feeling pressure like that at about 35 weeks last time. Since it was my 3rd pregnancy I figured I'd probably go into labor a couple of weeks early. I didn't. My baby came 8 days late!
i had contractions start at 7 months with both of my pregnancies, and felt pressure at 34 weeks. both of my children were born at 37 weeks. like v said, it just means the baby is moving into the birth canal. hang in there! your almost done. i know how uncomfortable it is. you are considered full term at 37 weeks. with my first daughter, i walked on a treadmill for 30 min a day, and then got on the eliptical machine for 30 min; in order to get things moving along quicker. i was miserable and wanted my baby OUT. with my second daughter, i bounced on an exercise ball for 15 minutes at a time, 7-8 times a day. that managed to get my cervix dilated from 3 to 5 in a matter of 2 days. if you are having sharp pains in your cervix, that means you are dilating-that's what my nurse told me when i went in for my c-section. for me, it felt like someone was shoving a butcher knife up my cooch. 
Ugh, i just want him out already, i didnt know it was this uncomfortable. but i guess the longer he stays in the better it is for him so i'm willing to wait. thanks ladies! (:

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