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Problem with family

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I am having an issue with certain family members. I am currently pregenant with my 3rd child. My husband works, I work in home, and we own our home and can finacially have another child. Now my cousin and his wife are trying to have a 2nd child. Here is the problem, they live with his mother (my aunt). He works, she does not, she can not drive, and they live in a small room together ( my cousin, his wife and their first child).. They ask my opinion of them trying to have a second child and I told them they were down right stupid to be even thinking of baby number 2. They can not afford the first. When I found out I was pregnant with our first, we were expected to live on our own and not depend finacially on our family. But my cousin and his wife depend on everyone and even expected me to give them clothes that I had paid for. I have family members saying I am wrong for giving my real opinion, even though I was asked. I keep my mouth shut if they do not ask. Should I just tell them what they want to hear???

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i believe that being straight forward is the best way because if i was doing something wrong and i ask for advise i would like to hear the truth dont feel anyway they will be fine the just dont like to hear the truth
i think its better to tell them how you feel they need to learn how to take peoples opinion they ask what you thought so you tell them what you think about it if they dont like it oh well its the truth and everyones intitled to their opinion
I'd say that it is a rather rude thing to simply tell somebody. However if they asked your opinion then they deserve to hear the truth. I am a big fan of the saying "Don't ask questions you don't want to know the answer to"
I think that they probably needed to hear what you had to say even if it wasn't exactly polite. And since they asked your opinion, you had every right to give them an honest answer. Some people seem to underestimate the responsibility of bringing a child into the world, and since they already have one to care and provide for, I say bravo to you for telling them the truth!

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