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My husband wants another child..I do to,but not untill my daughter is over 1 yr old. I can't have a baby while I have a 6 month old tooo,That has caused alot of arguements. I have explained that we cannnott have two kids in diapers, our daughter goes through 5 packs of diapers a month. We probably spend over 1,000 dollers in diapers,baby cereal and formulaa. Just in a month, It would be impossible to have another baby.

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I agree with your decision to wait. I have a 16 month old and can't imagine having another one right now. I want to wait for my daughter to be out of diapers too. Also your baby is only 6 months old, in my opinion babies deserve their own special baby time. My cousin had a son and waited 3 years to have her next child, then she got pregnant when that baby was 5 months old. She said that no matter how hard she tried to spread out her time and attention, she felt like the middle child didn't get that special "baby time" simply because a newborn needs you so much. I would talk to your husband and tell him that there is always time to have another baby. As your baby gets bigger they are even harder to take care of because they are always on the move. Hopefully he will understand. Good luck! 
I have three kids, we've always had two in diapers. It's actually not a big deal. There are 18 months between #1 and #2, 20 months between #2 and #3. I think you are greatly overestimating the costs of diapers and food. I used organic formula for my son, who drank 48 ounces of formula a day-much more than the average baby. We spent about $150 a month on formula. We also used more expensive eco-friendly diapers and they were only $12 a pack. Even when we bought baby food for him we only spent about $60 a month. In all, we spent no more than $300 on baby products each month. There are also cheaper options, especially for diapers. The Honest Company has great organic and eco-friendly baby products and they are pretty cheap. A month's supply of diapers and wipes is only $79.95.Taking care of two that are close in age is not difficult either. My older ones have always been great helpers and have generally been very patient if they had to wait while I took care of the baby. Even taking care of three kids 3 1/2 and under isn't that stressful or difficult. My kids all adore each other and the older ones do their best to entertain my baby if she's fussing while I'm trying to cook dinner or clean up a mess. It has never been hard to give each child the love and attention they need. I'm enjoying my new baby and all her baby moments just as much as I did with my first.Adding more children to your family is always difficult, there are always expenses. In my opinion, it's easier to have them all little at the same time. They play with the same toys, they watch the same cartoons, etc. When there is a bigger age gap it gets more difficult to manage everyone's different needs. My kids are also absolute best friends. I've seen many families with kids farther apart in age and they grew apart as the older one got older but the younger one was still too young. It seems to be a particularly big problem with girls. My husband and his sister are 4 1/2 years apart and they didn't start to become friends until they were adults. My mom and her younger sister are 7 years apart and they still hate each other. 
I have three wonderful children, my oldest son bryer and my only little girl are 1 year apart. It was kinda difficult in my situation because my husband had joined the army when I was 21 weeks pregnant with my son. So he wasn't around for the first 8 months of bryers life. And then when I got pregnant with kailey he missed the pregnancy. Also 3 weeks of kaileys life. Luckily his 5 years were up by the time I got pregnant with nolan. I think things would've been alot easier if he would have been there. As far as formula and diapers go, We spent around 600 dollers a month. Mostly because my kids were slow on potty training, bryer was 3,kailey is 4 and just now starting to be potty trained, but things might be different for your daughter when shes a little older..........I agree that it would be good to wait untill your daughter is atleast 1 year old......It's important that your husband has a say in it, but make sure he kows your opinion and what you think is best for the family....

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