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Problems with Inducing?

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Has anyone ever had any problems with being induced? I went in yesterday morning at 730 in the morning to be induced since I'll be 40 weeks on Friday and I was given 3 doses of cetadine(sp?) to help jump start my contractions. And finally at 7pm they gave me the pitocin. I had contractions for 15-16 hours straight yesterday. The contractions were getting increasingly worse yet I was not dilating. I stayed at 1cm all day and my uterus has yet to drop far enough for them to break my water. In the end I ended up being released just before midnight since my body was not ready to go into labor. So now I'm at home and having some contractions every 15-20 minutes. Has this or anything similar ever happened to anyone else?

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I have never been induced but I do know that if your not ready to deliver you can run into complications like this. It's normal. And the procedure for induction is not straight forward and easy, there's a lot of steps and decisions that have to be made. Hang in there it's going to happen and baby will be born.
yes, i acutually was in the hospital 3 days in labor, i was induced on the 3 , i had 3 cervadils put in, piticon for a day and a half and he stripped my membranes, after three days of all this i had only dilated a cm and a half and only effaced 75 percent. i ended have to go have an emergency c section on august 6th my baby was born at 10:45. all the stress and stuff had my daughters heart rate going down and they didnt think that if i had been in labor 3 days with contractions and only dilating that much, that breaking my water would work they didnt think theyd get her out in time! but after it all being in there a week i had a beautiful 5lb baby girl whose really healthy, i hope you dont go through what i did though.
Thanks for all the answers. I ended up going in for a regular Doctor appointment a day later and was then admitted since I was having contractions. I went in for my appointment at 9 am and she was born at 8:11 pm. 6 lbs 9 oz. 

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