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Pull out method .. pregnant or not?

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Me and my boyfriend always do the pull out method. I have irregular periods. I had my normal periods May and June. I had spotting and brownish discharged in July which was a weird period. We had sex the last days of my period in June and every other day after that. And also had sex during my weird period in July. We havent had sex for almost a month now Now we are in August almost September and no period. My nipples hurt Ouch! and I been peeing about every 30 minutes or so. Just took a pregnancy test yesturday and turned out negative. Could I be pregnant or not?

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It's definitely possible. The pull out method is not a reliable or safe birth control method. Wait a week and take another pregnancy test.
As VforVenture said pull out is not safe nor effective birth control. There is some sperm that is still making it in. There is a small chance you can get pregnant any day of your cycle. Some women even get pregnant from having sex during their period. If you do not want to get pregnant use some birth control (condoms, pill, depo).
I honestly cannot believe that people are still hoping this method will work for them. Yes you may be pregnant, wait a week or two and get another test or go to your doctor for a blood test done by a doctor//
Haven't you ever heard of "Pre-ejaculation?" Usually before a man fully ejaculates, he has a small ejaculation previous to it which is so small that men sometimes don't even feel it. But know matter how much or how little, it is contains a lot of sperm.And I'm sorry to tell you this, but a negative pregnancy test is not always very accurate. Basically a home pregnancy test works by detecting a certain hormone that determines preganacy in your urine. However, pregnancy test's can't always detect it. Plenty of women have had negatives test that turn out to positive.I would definately go see a doctor if your peroid is so late, also sensitive breats are a very common indicator of pregnancy. My breasts get a little sore during my period sometimes, but not like they did when I was pregnant, it was my first indication as well. If you're not pregnant, use some type of birth control if you're trying to prevent pregancy. Plain and simple, pulling out does not work.
Yes, you could be pregnant. Certainly so given how many times you mention you had unprotected sex. Home pregnancy tests these days can be very effective.  However, depending on where you are in your cycle when you took the test, it could show as negative even if you are pregnant.  As others suggested, I would make an appointment to see your doctor for a blood test.Even better methods of birth control (condoms, the pill, patches, etc) have anywhere up to 25% chance of failure to prevent pregnancy.  So I'm sure you can imagine how ineffective pulling out is.  If you are not in a situation where pregnancy would be a wanted outcome, please get yourself and your partner reliable brith control.  If you cannot afford it, there are Planned Pregnancy and other clinics that provide contraception at affordable (sometimes free!) prices based on your salary.  I'm not trying to pile on or berate you, I just want you to know you have options. 

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