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Putting baby down for a nap?

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So my daughter is 2 1/2 and my son is 5 months. Getting him down for a nap is tough because we live in a small apartment and my daughter is loud. She talks so much she talks in her sleep. When I go into the room to get him ready to sleep (nurse and cuddle) she has to be there and does not want to leave. If I tell her to go play she has a melt down. I know she just wants attention and feels left out but the baby get distracted by her and wants nothing to do with going to sleep. Getting her to be quiet while he naps is also another story. I try to do quiet thing with her but she has a hard time keeping the volume down. Ideas?

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Have a fan or some other source of white noise in your son's room and keep your daughter as far from his room as possible while he's sleeping. When it's time for him to nap set her up with  her own activity, don't just tell her to "go play". Let her watch a movie with a snack, let her color or do something else that's special. And make sure you're giving her enough attention throughout the day. One on one time is important and may help her quiet down some since she won't feel like she needs to be the center of attention.
I have tried giving her things to do but she wants to be in the room. She has not interest in TV (we do not currently have one) but if I was to put a movie on the computer she does not want to watch it. Our apartment is small. The bedrooms are next to the living room which is the only room to play it and the walls are paper thin. Even when she is sleeping we tip toe around as to not make any noise. Fans do not help it is just a small apartment. I try to use his nap times to do puzzles and other quiet activities. 
Believe me, I know how difficult that situation can be. We were in two different apartments (a 2 bedroom and the a 3 bedroom) until just a couple of weeks ago when we finally got our house. I've always been lucky that my daughter has been independent and that my son has always LOVED sleeping. But, I'm sure things will be difficult once I have baby #3 this December! My kids are perfect little monsters and keeping the noise down and away from the baby's room is definitely going to be a challenge!Can you find ways to make her your helper? Audrey has always been very involved with Harrison. Right from the start we had her bringing us bottles and blankets, she'd give him his pacifier when he dropped it, bring him toys, etc. Let her be a part of the nap time routine. If she's a helper she may start to understand exactly what's going on and she may be more considerate during his naps. Helping with the care and routines made my daughter a great, well behaved big sister.But for as easy as things were for me, there were plenty of times that were awful. One night my husband was out with friends and Audrey was in the beginning of her potty training. She was in her room looking at books while I was getting Harrison to sleep. My husband was calling on the phone, Audrey was flipping out because she needed to poop and Harrison wasn't asleep. I left him awake in his crib and he cried to much her threw up after being alone for two minutes. My only other advice is to wait it out. One of your kids will adjust. Either your daughter will learn to be quieter or your son will learn to sleep through the noise. It's not easy having two little ones but be patient and things will work out eventually.
Yeah she is my helper during the day. She loves to get diapers and do anything for her brother. Sometimes she loves him too much and we have to tell her to give him space. The funny part is he loves her and the attention. She will be giving him a hug and it looks like she is going to break him and he is laughing and smiling at her. I hope their special bond continues.We also have the problem of keeping him quiet while she sleeps. He wakes up about an hour before her and their naps are not at the same time (I wish) She occupies him so I can do other things and I think he sometimes gets bored when she is not around. We play but I think he would rather watch her.I know the trouble of getting 2 to bed at night.  We do a special book time in our bed so we can all lay down and read. They have the same bed time and this is what worked out the best. She likes the once in awhile special time in our bed so she does not miss the one on one cuddle she gets when my husband is home.

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