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Questions about miscarriage.

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Ok so I married my baby on monday, today is thursday and I am still bleeding. I did NOT have a d and C but the hospital did do an ultrasound to be sure everything had passed. My questions are, should I still be bleeding? and for how long can I expect to bleed? I am devastated at the loss of my baby and everytime I go to the bathroom I am reminded of what has happened :( I also still have quite a bit of cramping in my lower abdomen. Again is this normal? Also when would it be safe to try again? Is it safe for me to use tampons again or should I continue using pads? and when can I expect a period? does my normal period come at "normal" time or does it get all thrown off now because of the pregnancy/miscarriage? This is my first miscarriage, I have had two healthy wonderful pregnancies prior to this. I am not sure why this happened and I am completely broken, what are the chances this happens again if I get pregnant again? Thanks for any help you can give

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im sorry to here about your loss i lost my 1st baby i haed bleeding for 8 day . and cramping i would keep using pads the dr told me when my HCG levels here at 0 that i could start trying agane that was about 30 days and 3 mo, later i was praggo im 17 weeks now and the baby it good just never give up and know its not just you this happen to a lot of women
Thanks so much for your answer :) and congrats on the new pregnancy
ur chance of having a misscarraige again are slim..i lost my first baby 2 yrs ago at 16 weeks and just had a healthy baby 1 month ago..u will probly bleed for a few days to a few weeks..everyones diff..cramping normal because ur uterus is contracting to make sure everythings out and its going back to doc told me to wait atleast 3 periods before trying to get prego again because u want to make sure ur bodys ready to handle another pregnancy. and i woudnt use tampons because most likey the bleeding will be heavy and u may still pass some tissue even thought they didnt see anything in the ultrasound(my friend and sister both lost babys and the u/s showed no more tissure but theyt continued to pass some for a few days).im so sorry to hear what happend and ihope this helps..and good luck for next time!
I have had the same situation. This was my first pregnancy, and first miscarriage. My bleeding had lasted for a month and a half. I also passed a MAJOR blood clot. ( i'm not sure if it was the same for you?) and cramping was horrible. Yes, my heart was broken too. I haven't got pregnant yet, but you can't give up. I know it's hard believe me, because you fell the need to grieve and that's okay you should. Eventually you have to pick your self up, and move on, because everything happens for a reason.My doctor told me to start trying again after my second period after the miscarriage. I hope this helps you, and all the best!
im sorry about ur lost.i had 3 of them before i had my first baby. you body has to clean it self first. i was told that u have to wait 3 months after. so yes every thing is normal what ur going through.
I just recently had a miscarriage. I was 10 weeks along. When I started bleeding, I immediately went to the hospital. They did an ultrasound & told me that the fetus was only 6 weeks, which is strange. It had no heartbeat. I was gaining weight, but they don't have an answer to that. They also told me because I'm not bleeding heavily, for me to have another ultrasound to make sure. I also am having cramping. They said that there is no chance my fetus is alive & to let it take it's course. I am greiving for the baby that is gone now! SO sad!Anyways, I was wondering if there's a chance my fetus is still alive. I want to believe they just made a mistake! What age is the fetus when it has a heartbeat? Why does my fetus look like it's six weeks, when I was told I was ten weeks? I need answers! Please help!
I had a miscarriage on October 20, 2011. Now, I'm currently pregnant & it looks like it is a go for this baby! So happy! I'm 12 weeks along & can't wait!

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