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Sometimes it's nice to get advice from experts with a lot of letter degrees behind their names, but other times, you just need to hear what another parent (with a M.O.M. behind her name) has done that has worked. You've got questions? These moms have answers.


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Something that really irritates me, and just confuses me about people, is how judge mental they are towards pregnant teenagers. Since I got pregnant, Everyone in school thinks I am a slut, or let's just be realistic, everyone that knows I am pregnant really looks down on me for it. So I would just like to not only get my opinions out there, but ask a few questions from the people who may have this opinion of me. Okay, so the most common thing I hear from pretty much any adult is, "You're way to young to be having sex". First of all, Most of them had sex in their teenage years too, and second, Why does it matter so much when you loose your virginity? This may just be my opinion but, I think it's my choice, right? It's my vagina, ultimately my decision if I am ready, so why should I be judged for it? Okay, another thing is, A lot of people, not only other teens at school, but adults, have asked me why I was stupid enough to get pregnant. Well, here's the thing, when you use condoms, and you're on birth control, and you still got pregnant. I think it was meant to be! I may just be a strong believer in fate, but it seems kinda out of my control. And here's my thoughts on the matter, my baby was supposed to be here, obviously that's why I got pregnant. And seriously, who the hell cares if I got knocked up at 14, big deal! It's my life, my body, my choice. There is absolutely nothing I can do about it now, And honestly I wouldn't wanna change anything. I love my baby already, and I am truly excited about being a mom. The whole thing about waiting untill you're older just really makes no sense to me, sex is a natural thing, and even as explained, it's something 2 people do when they love eachother. If I love someone now, what's the difference? It all goes back to the whole "kids aren't capable of love" thing right? That's ridiculous! I am pretty sure I have loved a few people in my life. Not only my parents, but pets, and friends, and of course my boyfriend. The heart may mature but it always works the same way. And you know what, it doesn't make a difference. Yeah my boyfriend and I might not be together forever, but guess what, a piece of paper that calls you married doesn't promise ever lasting love. And I'm sorry if I wasted your time by making you read this, but I just had to get a few things off my chest, I am tired of people judging me when they don't know me, or how I feel. And this isn't only about people on here but it's about people in general, school, friends,family. Everyone! So feel free to leave your opinions, and your thoughts on this whole topic, and answer a few questions if you want. I just need a few opinions, to know if I am the only one out there that feels this way about teen pregnancy and all that.

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The biggest reason I think that teenagers are too young to have sex is because they aren't ready to be parents. Like you said, people still get pregnant while using various birth control methods properly. because of that, and because of the risk of stds, kids shouldn't have sex. The most important thing I want to teach my kids is to wait to have sex until they're ready to raise a child. I would like for them to be at least 18 before they have sex. At least then I'll know they were trying to be responsible and make smart choices.i was raised by a teen mom. I know how hard it is for everyone involved. My mom sacrificed a lot to raise mea but unfortunately, she didn't do a very good job. She was too you and despite her best intentions, her best just wasn't good enough. It was incredibly hard for me growing up. I always knew I'd me a much better mother than she was, but knowing now just how hard it is to raise a child, I know there is no way I would have done this good a job raising my kids if I had been younger when I had them. and that is a huge reason for why I waited until I was 19 before I had sex.of course, it is your body and your choice. But, adults have more experience and sometimes, more wisdom than teenagers. That's why we my you're too young for all of this. I'm sorry you feel so judged, I know that can't be easy. 
Truthfully, I used to think just like you. when my twins were born I was only sixteen. I thought I could do it all, but in reality, I couldnt. My only saving grace was a family who was determined to help me suceed, and without them I would have failed (more then I have already).I didnt realize how wrong I was until I was older and wiser. Being a teen mom is one of the hardest things you can do in life and not everyone is cut out for it. In fact very few are cut out for it, in all honestly I was not. I was much too stubborn and immature to be a mother, and only now do I feel responsible enough to bring a child into this world.People will judge you, that comes with the territory of being a teenage mother. Hell, it comes with the territory of being a mother period. Just remember what society has for an example of teenage mothers, teen mom and teen mom 2 on mtv. A horrible example, but yet that unfortunatly is how the story goes alot of the time.I hope my daughter waits as long as she can before she start having sex, there are just too many risks with being young and sexually active. I want her to grow up and have fun and not have to grow up as fast as I did. Best of luck and I wish you the best. you have chosen Everest as you very first mountain to climb, I hope like heck that you make it. Simply put love ISNT enough.
I had my daughter Caitlyn at 21, and even though I was an adult, looking back I realize I wasn't a very good mother to her. I loved her, changed her diapers, and fed her, but being a parent is more than that. I made a lot of bad decisions, and I was too immature and selfish to raise a child at that time. Being a parent is hard, and it's something you should do when you're ready. And just as you said you can get pregnant on birth control, and condoms, which is why it's important to wait. The feeling of being judged is not a good one, and I know that from experience, but you just gotta ignore what people say and do whats best for you and your baby.  
Probably because most people dont think your parents and the government/ the tax payers should foot the bill. 
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