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Real early labor contractions confirmed by doctors but no dilation?

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I'm 36 weeks today and ive been in preterm labor 4 times. Last time I went I was 34.5 weeks and the nurses were sure I was in labor as measured by contractions but when thru checked my cervix I was only 1cm-no change from two weeks prior! Now I'm very confused when I should go in if. I ge the contractions again because I'm worried there still won't be a change. All this on top of suspected pregnancy induced hypertension and no inducing?? What needs to happen to have the doctors try to progress me!?

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Next time you start having contractions just call the labor and delivery department so that you can talk to the nurses. They can figure out whether or not you need to actually go in. Or, if it's during regular business hours just call your doctor's office.As far as wanting to be induced goes, your doctor won't do it unless there is a serious medical reason to do so. If you're having high blood pressure I'm sure your doctor is monitoring it and will take the appropriate steps if it becomes dangerous for you or your baby.

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