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Hi Girls, I miscarried my first pregnancy early November last year after only getting hitched two months earlier in September. For 3 months after the loss I was just existing, or so it seemed.. never in my life have I felt so low. We've been trying ever since and each month my periods have been a constant reminder. I'm newly married and should be happy enjoying that but instead I carry guilt for neglecting my new husband alongside the loss of our baby. Just recently we've stopped trying so hard, and look what's happened.. I'M 5 WEEKS AND 2 DAYS!!!! Were both thrilled to bits and feel so blessed. But my god, I'm absolutely terrified of miscarrying again. I know I need to relax, I'm trying my best but its so difficult. Loosing my first pregnancy has made me realise how much I want to be a mum and if that means I spend the next 8 months with every symptom then so be it, as long as I have our baby at the end I don't care. Please help, I really need some reassurance x

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