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really strange..

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ok so our son is now 10 weeks old.. and I have a couple questions I am hoping that you ladies can help me with.. I dealt with all the postpartum bleeding and all that for right at 5 weeks.. I then had my dr appt and was told that everything was fine and to make another appt later on to get birth control once we had decided what we wanted to do.. I am breastfeeding for the majority of the time with our son and have been under the impression that I wouldnt start cycling or anything for awhile since that was the way it was for the first 6 months or so with our daughter..but on feb 1 I started spotting and it only lasted for the day.. then again yesterday the 13th I started spotting all the same again and it was only for a few hours.. should I be concerned about it? And what could be going on with me.. Is it normal to have the spotting and stuff after having a little one.. I dont remember it happening after our 19 month old.. and just so everyone knows.. my moms thought was that it could be from starting a birth control pill or something.. however because of the weather and we got around 16 inches of snow the day of and day after I was suppose to have my app.. I never got the birth control started.. really worried.. hoping someone has advice..

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I would definitely ask your doctor about that. Doesn't sound like something to be terribly worried about, but he would probably have better answers to your erratic spotting.

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