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i found good food my daughter likes and i thought i would let people in on the goodies first is the strawberry chicken wrap yum first you chop up the strawberry in thin peices and then get crispy chicken and chop it kinda thin and then get a tortilla heated up and put the chicken and strawberry on it with a little rasberry vinegrete its amazing then theres the avacodo sandwhich get kiser bread with turkey breast then put the avacodo on it its great my daughter is 7 months old she is eating some solid foods and she is picky and loves it

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yeah, simple. stop buying junk and start buying fresh produce, and lean meat. when i was growing up, you ate what was served, or you went hungry. there was no such thing as a seperate special meal for me just bc i didnt like what was cooked. i understand the need for you to maybe eat something different from the rest of your family if you are trying to lose weight. check out you would be amazed at how much cheaper it is to buy fresh produce, than cookies, chips, and soda.
heres a great breakfast recipe for you, and your family. my 20 month old goes nuts for this:plain greek yogurt (low in fat and sugar, but loaded with protein), fresh fruit cut up (strawberries, kiwi, bananas, etc, whatever you like), and top it with granola, or multi-grain cheeerios. a dash of cinnamon, and a TINY drizzle of honey. by tiny, i mean MAYBE 1/2 teaspoon. 
Breakfasts should be easy - you can have fruit and yogurt or a healthy cereal.Lunches - you can make your own salad or healthier sandwiches.Evening meal suggestions - lasagne (wholemeal pasta, low fat mince, lots of veggies) with salad, chicken curry (make with tin tomatoes for the sauce and no cream) and plain basmati rice, casseroles, grilled chicken with veg, fish with salad or veg.You may find a steamer helps - you can steam chicken and fish in one layer, veg in another.  Your family may add sauce after whilst you keep yours plain.   You can make potato wedges healthier than chips for the whole family too.    
bamboo steamers are great! they help to lock in the veggies nurtrients, which are often lost when cooked in a pot of water. you can put your meat on the bottom rack, and veggies on top. i bought mine at an asian grocery store for around $4. whole grain bread and pasta, lots of fresh fruits/veggies, and lean meat are some of the best foods to aid in weight loss.
That does sound good. Your daughter is eating all that at 7 months? My daughter will be 5 months at the end of this week and we are lucky to get a little bit of cereal and some bananas down the hatch.
i chop it really small and sometimes mix it with fruity baby food and she likes it
That was too long and jumbled to read.
agreed vforventure! you neglected to inclue sugar content with your nutritional facts.
I was rushing, but honestly I can't even read it. I got them all from the names of the foods were,Watermelon Split,Mango date muesli,Farmers Market grand aioli with tarragon dipping sauce,lentil root celery soup. You can look them up if you wanna try them.

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