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Recurring dream is shaking relationship with hubby?

2 answers
Since I lived with my husband I've been having these dreams occasionally. I would dream that I'm in a relationship with another man. And I would refuse and would tell the man in my dream that 'No, we are not. I'm married. I have a son'. However, while having this kind of dream, my husband heard me saying in my sleep 'I have another man'. And now, he's more doubtful of me and he doesn't trust more than ever. What should I do? I swear I don't have any extra-relationships outside of my marriage in real life.

answers (2)

just explain that to him
if its affecting your marriage just bc you talk in your sleep simply ask your husband if he is able to control everything he dreams about??? It's not your fault that your having that sorta dream and it may not mean anything about (cheating) our dreams are always very confusing and cryptic i used to have a dream interpretation book (not that it would be accurate) but it could help to try to find someway to figure out what the dream say you have a son right?  have you ever been scared that your husband may think he "plays second fiddle" to your son? I hope ya'll can figure it out...Good Luck

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