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Refuses to drink milk.

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We kept our daughter on a bottle longer then she was supposed to be, however my daughter is finally off the bottle and doesn't really ask for one as much as she used to. She enjoys drinking water and apple juice from a sippy cup or cup and is very good at it. The problem is she REFUSES to drink milk from a cup, and she'll only drink milk from a bottle. She's way too old for a bottle and my husband and I won't give her one anymore, however she needs calcium and the nutrients from milk. She loves yogurt and real cheese, but no milk. I tried using the toddler cups with the straws instead, but the straws were really thick and I think she had trouble drinking from them because she hated them. I'm curious what cups worked best for your toddlers and any methods to give her milk without a bottle. Any advice is much appreciated.

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All kids are different so you'll just have to keep trying different cups until you find one she likes. My kids love the straw cups, my son started using them when he was 8 months old. We use Playtex, Tommee Tippee, and Munchkin brand straw cups. Until your daughter starts drinking milk again just give her plenty of cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese and whatever other dairy products she'll eat. You should also give her multivitamins and DHA supplements to make sure she gets all the vitamins and minerals she needs. Not drinking milk isn't really a big deal if she gets what she needs from other sources.
Hello my tiny is 21months & hates milk now that she's off the bottle aswell. I asked her doc what he thought & he said not to worry she's doing fine & getting what she needs from everything else she is eating! However if you want to really try harder to get milk down, get a blender & put a banana in it that will make it sweet.. or there always PediaSure. :)
I wouldn't recommend giving any sort of flavored milk or nutritional supplement. That only sets you up to have a child who will refuse plain milk. As long as your daughter is eating a variety of foods and her doctor isn't concerned about her nutrition there is no need to worry. And there certainly isn't any need to offer anything other than plain milk. She'll get over it eventually, just keep offering it. Your persistance will win out as long as you don't give in.

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